Spark Plugs 101 for GT500s

Proper heat range and gap are important to the performance and safety of your car. They're also some of the most mis-quoted and incorrectly referenced pieces of information on automotive forums. That said, here is the VMP Performance guide to spark plugs for 2007-2014 Ford Shelby GT500s.

 1. NGK TR6's are NOT recommended for long life on these cars. They are included in a lot of kits because they're a $1.99 plug and it makes people feel like they're getting more for their money. They are not a full step colder than stock and they are a copper plug. If you are racing your car, and you KNOW they are appropriate because you know how to properly read a plug, then they're fine if you change them frequently. 

2. Recommended plugs: 

Brisk Racing GR14YS for boost levels up to and including 16psi. GR12YS for boost levels 17 psi and up.

We run them in all our race and R and D vehicles including Christine (GR12YS and .026 gap on her) carries Brisk Racing in stock exclusively but other brands are available. 

NGK TR7-IX only. This is a full step colder than stock. These are not pre-gapped and should be clearanced to .032 for up to 15psi, .028 for 16-19 psi and .026 for 20+ psi. This is a long-life Iridium plug.

Motorcraft SP-471 (AGSF12FM1). This is a Platinum plug and is

another outstanding option and upgrade to stock.

They are one step colder than stock for 07-12 cars

and about a half step colder than stock on 13-14.

Same gap should be used as the TR7-IX and they

are NOT pre-gapped.

These are the only spark plugs we currently recommend.

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